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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Because we are your mountain top people

Dr. Matin Luther King said: "​I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word."

Dear Martin, thank you for leaving us:
A legacy of truth,
A legacy of hope,
A legacy of love,
A legacy of righteous action.

We are going up to the mountain top,
Because, you asked us to,
Because we believe Love wins,
Because, we are a righteous people,
Because, our patriotic duty compels us,
Because, faith compels us,
Because, humanity compels us,
Because, even if we all did not see it then,
We see it now,
We are your mountain top people.

Love, peace, and hope to all you beautiful mountain top people,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to listen to the song that inspired my walk this's Patty Griffin's " I want up to the Mountain, because you asked me too" tribute

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 Resistance 2.0: The Struggle Continues Building Striving communities, Schools, Families, and voice.

Come right on up for the East Coast Spring Up Rising So the plan is a series of Resistance Salons this spring. Resistance 2.0: The Struggle Continues Building Striving communities, Schools, Families, and voice. Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey are in.

Salon rules

1. Size or location does not matter, they might be at universities, community schools, people's homes, churches, union halls, or coffee houses. There might be 10 people, or 100, what really
matter is activists who care about schools and each other.

2. Panel guests must not only raise awareness, but have a wellness messages as well. (Why because this is a life time struggle, we must also ensure we are well enough to endure the long term.3. The audience must be engaged and active participants. In other words everyone is a star.

4. There should be some type of way to share the salon happenings. It might be via Facebook Live or Youtube blogs, or written blog reflections.

5. Salon should be made up of manly local voices, but include some voices from other states as well. (This keeps the focus local, but reminds us we are all suffering under the same abusive Education Reforms.

6. Salons issues should include issues in and outside our public schools, and be rooted in what Mark Naison calls "Positive Energy".

7. Six rules are enough!

Many education reform resistance fighters have come to me saying they are still determined, but tire and worried. When your struggle is long and difficult, you must also find ways to stay well enough to endure and stay the path. Our struggle is a moral one, and we are determined to see it through. Our foes are wealthy, powerful, and control much of the policy apparatus in education, and have the ability to wear resisters down. Thus, we convened a group of education reform resisters from Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, in an online Facebook discussion to consider the question of where we go next in the struggle to take back our schools and communities. We decided since this struggle is long term, we need to include ways to fight fatigue, weariness, and even depression. We are connecting to what Journey 4 Justice's We Choose Campaign have already begun with their town halls.

We came to the conclusion that our struggle needs to be both morally right and physically healthy for all of us. Thus, we will not only turn up for the resistance, but for each other’s physical and mental health. so every salon panel guest must feed not only the resistance, but help us support each other’s wellness at the same time. People get ready for ways to fight back, but improve your wellness at the same time. If the struggle is to continued, we must also find ways to keep each other healthy enough to end the fight as well. Mark Naison, provided the perfect words to drive our resistance to the high-stakes testing, the intentional demoralization of our public school teachers, and privatizing of our public schools "Positive Energy". It has been 16 years since NCLB, 16 year since testing became the hammer use to crush local public schools. Frederick Douglas knew progress took time and hard struggle.

Our Resistance 2.0 Salons are going to inform, educate, move people to action, but be driven by Positive Energy. We will move people to act, and include ways to stay and become healthy both physically and mentally. If the struggle takes time, then we must be healthy enough to live long enough to see it to it's end. So, for those asking what comes a Positive Energy rising! Trust me on this one thing, actions shall follow our salons, and our action shall bring down the houses of Education Reform Shame. For we are a mighty people!
People get ready for the train coming,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

PS, if you are interested in joining us, please email me We need everyone to come on board. Hey, please don’t tell me you couldn’t guess which song inspired my morning walking today... Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions “People Get Ready”

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

This is where my teaching fight for racial justice begins.

Maya Angelou said: "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."

To My Fellow White Teachers,
If we, say we are color blind,
If we, claim we are not racist,
Because we don't see color.

We, lack the courage to fight White Supremacy,
We, can't see 500 years of oppression,
Can't see Jim Crow,
Can't see the School to Prison Pipeline,
Can't see gender,
Can't see ourselves,
Can't see others,
Then we, are part of the problem, not the solution.

Then we, have not studied the seal of approval that White Supremacy played and still plays within the law of the land for 500 years of our history:
The first 20 Slaves at Jamestown 1619,
3/5's of a human being 1776,
Indian Removal Act of 1830,
Dred Scott decision, 1857,
Native American boarding schools,
How our silence on Confederate Statues lessens the blood sacrifice of Civil War Union soldiers 1890 to 2018,
Chinese Exclusion Act 1882,
Prison Wardens force feeding the Great Suffragist leader Alice Paul while on prison hunger strike, 1917,
The Civil Rights Movement of the past, presence, and future,
The ship Saint Louis turned away from our shores 1939,
Mendez v. Westminster 1947,
Brown v. Board of Education 1954,
Delano Grape Pickers Strike Of 1965-1970,
Stonewall uprising,
The illusions of school choice,
Muslim exclusion ban,
The call for a Wall,
Our DECCA Dreamers,
Voter suppression laws of today.

Let's this revolution for change begin with I,
My teaching fight for racial justice begins with I.
It begins seeing Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, White, and everything in between.

I see, inequity,
I see, injustice,
I see, denial,
I see, the man I am in the mirror,
I cannot undo White Supremacy without studying the silence and apathy of my own role in the grand scheme of racism. I cannot teach in the silence of racism,
I cannot teach enclosed in apathy of racism,
I can teach facing my history with courage,
It's not enough, but this is my start.
My eyes are wide open, as is my heart,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to listen to the tune this Walking Man is listening to this morning...It's Bob Dylan's Blowing in the wind"