Friday, September 9, 2016

You tell Jim Horn

Somebody call that decider Jim Horn

Tell it on every mountaintop,
Call it out your windows,
Say it on every street corner,
This Walking Man is going to Houston for the United Opt Out National Civil Rights Summit in Collaboration with Houston Federation of Teachers. >

don't know how I am going to get there, but I'm getting there.

I hear the DECIDER Jim Horn is at it again.
Deciding who is a zombie, and who is not,
I hear he questions any AFT member, SOSer, BAT, UOO member, parent, teachers, student or any grass marching activist who attends a AFT union co-sponsored action.
I hear he blogs,
I hear he decides,
I hear he sits home.
I don't heed anything a sit at home blogger says.  

You tell Jim Horn the Walking Man is not ashamed to stand with his Rank and File AFT brothers and sisters in Houston.
You tell Jim Horn, this Walking Man is proud to stand with his sisters Ceresta Smith, Ruth Rodriguez, and Denisha Jones,
You tell Jim Horn that the Walking Man will stand proud with his brothers Gus Morales and Zachary Rodriguez and all my HFT brothers and sisters in Houston in October.
You tell Jim Horn this walking man was at the Peoples March for Public Education and Social Justice that he called SOS Zombies.
You Tell Jim Horn that Walking Man was at the DUE JUSTICE Rally with Rev Barber and Bishop Selders last night in New Britain Connecticut with his Moral Monday brothers and sisters, his fellow CT BATs, his CT SOSers, his rank and file brothers and sisters from every union in Connecticut. 
You tell Jim Horn that while he sits at home on Monday September 12 at 11 a.m. I'll be answering Rev Barber's Call to " Higher Ground Moral Declaration day of action.
Tell Jim Horn I'll be marching with my SOS, BAT, UOO, CEA, AFT, Moral Monday CT brothers and sisters with members of every other union in Connecticut.
You tell Jim and all the deciders that I'll be marching with others in 25 state capitals.
You tell the deciders that some of us are marchers,
Union proud,
Moral Monday proud,
Selma Proud,
AUUP Proud,
NAACP proud,
SOS proud,
BAT proud,
UOO proud,

Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to listen to what this walking man listened to on his walk this morning it's "I'll your water" by Sweet Honey in the Rock... <


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  2. Thank you Jesse! Proud to march with you anywhere!

  3. Thank you, Jesse.
    It makes no sense for people with common goals to attack their allies. Without unions, our struggle will be lost.
    Diane Ravitch

    1. The problem is, Diane, our goals are not the same. My goals are ending testing accountability in all form, ending segregated classrooms in all forms, and anding corporate education reform in all forms. I can't work toward those goals while misleaders like you and the union suits are cutting deals on ESSA to guarantee another generation of testing accountability, segregated classroom, and corporate control. We are on different sides of these issues, regardless of how much braying, bad poetry, and foot stomping you are able to stir up.

  4. Mark Naison, said the only way to stop this war on our public schools is take this struggle to the streets. I am in agreement with Mark.
    The way I see this struggle is blogging, and a million books won't change nothing for children, parents, teachers and our public schools. My blog, your blog, Diane's blog and all the others have not change anything.
    Change doesn't come from sitting at home behind computer screens. Change comes from testifying, occupying, marching, and voting. In 2011 Diane Ravitch came to DC and in 2016 again. You made it a point in your blog to insult every marcher by calling them SOS Zombies. You made it a point to not endorse a March For Public Education and Social Justice. You made it a point to sit home and criticize just about every group that does more than blog. The way I read it. Is that you have come to consider yourself the great decider. A decider who sits at home deciding who deserves Jim Horn's seal of approval. Wake up no one is waiting on your approval.
    Sit at home write another book. I'm walking and marching, because all the blogging, braying and foot stomping bloggers do in the comfort of their homes won't make a difference.
    Marching matters more than blogging,
    Jesse The Walking Man Turner

    1. I am wondering why you are so angry, Walking Man. I am just a blogger and writer who, by the way, was in DC marching back when Diane was still openly supporting the neoliberal policies and deals that she now does undercover. What is sad is that you support her in that duplicity. By doing so, you have been her enabler. You are a classic patsy, my good man--and I am sorry for it.

      I'd like to march with you again, as we did back in the day when UOO was a force for good--before you fell under the Siren song of Diane and Randi. In the meantime, you can go Cheney yourself.

    2. You might want to read my blog after this "Who Decides"

  5. Another thing you and Saint Diane have in common--neither of you can take criticism.