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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spreading the News links from the amazing Bob Scheaffer

Happy New Year to the resistance, 

In 2007 almost no one criticized NCLB. In 2008 Race To The Top had few critics either, in 2009 there were no Anti NCLB groups on Facebook. In 2010 resistance to NCLB/RTTT was growing on Facebook. Still on my 2010 walk to DC I felt lonely and alone on most days. In 2011 8,000 people marched to DC with Save Our Schools. In 2012 Opt Out Occupied the DOE in DC, and Save Our Schools Held a School Reform Convention in DC. The point is the tide has turned, and resistance to NCLB/RTTT is growing. Opt Out is going back to DC April 4-7 for Occupy 2.0: The Fight For Our Public Schools, and Parents Across America and Save Our Schools are still marching. So start spreading the news people this is no longer a one horse town. See you in DC at Occupy 2.0 people.
I am walking to DC,

The new year kicks off with another excellent set of stories about the growing assessment reform movement and the many flaws of test-driven policies.

Sixth-grader Persuades WashPost Columnist to Support Testing Moratorium

Testing Scam Puts Public Schools at Risk,0,1595639.story

Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment Op Ed -- "School Testing System Badly Needs Fixing"

"The True Cost of High-Stakes Testing" -- Powerpoint presentation by Orlando School Board Member

What Research Really Says About Florida's Test-Based "Reforms"

Gates Teacher Evaluation Scheme "Trapped in a World of Circular Reasoing"

To Test or Not To Test -- National Opt-Out Day Debate

Race to the Trough and State Regs Force Change in Model Teacher Evaluations Systems

Test-Maker Ethical Problems in Dealing With Chicago Public Schools

Rhee-First Grades States on Education Ideology Not Results

High-Stakes Testing Won't Fix What's Wrong with Our Educational System

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