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Friday, October 11, 2013

If a mother shouts for justice in the Youtube forest, and no one sees? Is her pain any less?

A mother of two arrested after confronting McDonald's President about poverty wages. Ten years to reach 8.25 an hour, and she can't afford shoes for herself.  He gets to drink Champagne, shrug it off, and she gets handcuffs . 
Perhaps I am alone, but I can't figure out why she is not on every news network, why the clergy is not marching, why our leaders are not standing by her side, and why we are not all shouting for a living wage? My own mother worked 6 days a week as a waitress collecting nickel and dime tips to put food on the table. It was never enough. With a husband and father who walked out on her she did what she could. There are no support payments in the house of poverty. Poor men disappear into some dark void. Working Mothers ride that late night bus alone, and their shoes come last in their world of love and pain. Take a look at the link below America?  Frederick Douglas that sacred voice of our past, that fugitive slave turned freeman, turned author: said: "Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe." Tell me do you see some lazy woman reeling in the dough, or do you see like me our nation's greatest shame?                                                                                                                                     
I give my heart, my love, my pen, and my words to the mothers who ride our late night buses. 
With the deepest respect,                                                                                                                                                           Jesse my mother's only son 

"I see redemption in an angel's eyes"

I see a working mother crying out,
I see my mother 50 years ago crying,
After 10 years she reaches 8.25 per hour,
After 10 years she can't afford shoes,

In this America, the home of richest, the most famous, and the most powerful, I see my shame,
I see our shame,
A mother shouting out for a raise to the elites, the connected, the powerful, the Golden 1%,
I feel her pain,
My mother's pain,
A pain that all mother's feel who can't make ends meet for their children,
Our children,
Let me tell you something Golden 1%,
This America is not your house;
It's our house,
Mi casa es tu casa,

This mother crying out for a raise,
This mother crying out for justice,
She is God's witness to our brutality,
She is God's witness to our injustice,
This mother,
This woman,
She is every mother,
She is God's Angel come to give us one last chance,
She is our American angel of redemption,

Some see her,
Some cannot,
Some stand with her,
More not,
Some saved,
More damned,

This American choice
Are we some soon to be fallen new Rome,
Or do we grab Langston Hughes last line of hope,
Let America be America,

Do we draw a line in the sand of equity?
Do we say enough is enough?
Do we stand with our mothers?
Or do we stand against our mothers,
Our angels of redemption?

I see a mother,
I see my mother,
I see all mothers,
I see an Angel,
I draw a line,
I stand on her side,
I stand with the angles of redemption,
Where do you stand America?

Jesse The Walking Man Turner 10/11/13
If you are wondering what the Walking is listening to on his walk over the mountain today. It's an old Irish one, we Irish sing sometimes after we had one too many, and our hearts fill with longing for our mothers lost. <

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