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Monday, February 23, 2015

I have a bell, I have a hammer, and two feet made for walking.

Shout on every corner,

I am one man walking in the name of love to DC,

Shout it in every Church, Synagogue, Temple, and Masque,

Shout it in the halls of congress,

Shout it in the senate,

Shout it outside the White House,   

That silence and apathy have no hold on me,

Ring every bell,

Tell it on every mountaintop,

Unlike our nation's Hedge Fund managers, this walking man is not afraid our children won't be able to compete,

Tell every child, parent, and teacher,
I see a brighter day coming,

Tell them I am walking to help America understand that it is immoral for 49 states to spend more money on their wealthy schools than their poor schools.

Tell everyone I am walking 400 miles to break that deafening silence coming from our United States Department of Education's immoral policies hiding a public school system rooted in inequality,

Tell everyone I am walking for every child, teacher, and parent being blamed for the failures of our leadership to do the right thing,

Shout it loud and clear, this man is walking for our children and every teacher being labeled failure, 
This man is walking, because Washington DC lacks the moral will to give every child an equal start and equal finish.

Oh, shout it out brothers and sisters,

The Walking Man is coming,

Tell them that he has a bell,

Tell them he has a hammer,

Tell them he has a heart full of love,

A spirit full of hope,

Tell he can't be broken,

He can't be stopped,

He rides a just wave,

He fears no evil,

He walks inspired by that righteous shepherd who led his people from a Pharaoh’s bondage.

He rejects reducing our children, their teachers and our local schools to test scores,

He rejects a United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's policies of dog eat dog,
That our poor schools must complete against each other in his sick Race To The Top's lie,
He rejects competition without equity has any place in a nation who loves justice and fairness. 

Tell it from every mountaintop that he is not alone,

The people reject selling our local public schools to the highest bidders,

The people reject standards that hold not one politician accountable,

The people reject standards that hold not one policy maker accountable,
The people reject standards that hold not one governor accountable, 

The people reject that equity comes in spending more on your wealthy schools than your poor schools.

I am one man walking to DC in the name of love,

Source: (Education Week's 2015 Quality Counts report only Alaska spends more on it's poor schools than it's wealthy schools)

If you want to know what the Walking Man was listening to on his walk's If I had a hammer song by Trini Lopez

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