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Thursday, August 27, 2015

One day for my Dyett brothers and sisters

Yesterday the second hunger Dyett hunger striker passed out needing medical attention as she testified before the Chicago Public School board. See article in this link > < Something pure, something righteous, something so powerful we can't see it today, but trust me. We shall talk about it for decades to come. This Walking Man stands with his Dyett brothers and sister in their quest for justice.

I have no power,
I have no wealth,
I have no connections to the powerful.
But, I know righteousness when I see it.
I have little to give.
All I have is myself, and a heart bent on justice.
A heart that has been battered, but not defeated by injustice in our public schools.
A heart determined to beat it's every beat for justice in our schools.
In Chicago I see power, wealth and the connected as purveyors of inequlaity.
In Chicago I see a group of parents saying enough is enough.
I see a group of parents with hearts bent on justice bigger than my own.
In Chicago I see parent hunger strikers fighting injustice with everything they have.
Risking their health and their lives for children.
In Chicago I see great sacrifice ignored by a nation in danger of losing it's soul.
I have no funds to fly to Chicago, but if I did I would be there in a New York minute.
I am not strong enough to go join them in hunger strike for the duration, but I can join their fast for one day.
It's not much, but it's all I can give today.
So Friday August 28, 2015 I shall eat no food from 9:am to 9:am Saturday August 29.
It's far too little, but it all I can give today.
I stand with the Dyett hunger strikers,
Jesse The Walking Turner

If you like to hear what tune this Walking Man listened to his walk this morning? It's the Legendary Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers To Cross"
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