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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Called to teach

I often hear many of my teacher friends saying they wouldn't recommend a teaching career to young people today. I respond the hurdles are many and higher than ever before. The policy mandates are demoralizing many learners and teachers. It's a tough path this road to teaching.

I do discourage anyone who tells me they want to teach so they can home at 3:00. No one goes home at 3:00. I discourage those who say I want to teach to have summers off. I say summers without pay you mean. No one is paid for taking summers off.

I do encourage those whose hearts are big, who long to serve, and want to change the world. I invite these to come sit and talk with me. I explain this is not my career, this is not my profession, this is my calling. A calling rooted in service to others. A calling that often leaves me exhausted. However a calling that always, always fills my heart.
If teaching calls you to serve, then embrace it, and run to it. Climb any mountain, swim every river, and jump every hurdle to in front of you. I do promise you tired feet, restless nights, but a full heart to carry you to the end of your days.
Blessed by this call to teach,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

With Barry Lane eating some pizza 

If you like to listen to the song this walking man listened to on his walk this morning...its..Barry Lane's "Miss Folley"

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