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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Of course I'm marching on 1-21-17 at the Women's March with SOS

I am going to the Women's March on January 21, 2017, because I have always stood with others standing for justice and equity. I am happy to stand up for justice alone and with others. The size of the crowd is not important. What matters is will you stand up for justice. My life has been blessed by serving in the struggle to defend the vulnerable, the sick, the poor, and our children.
I have always struggled with American politics and voters who almost on cue vote against their own interests, and over look injustice at every turn.

A nation that consistently has been at war with it's poor and middle class since it's earliest days.
A nation that enslaved Africans, and called them 3/5's of a human being.
A nation where justice has always been elusive at best for our Black and Brown brothers and sisters.
A nation that kept the vote from it's own mothers and daughters for over a hundred years.
A nation that dismantled it's own industrial based, gave industries billion dollars in tax credits for doing it, and low cost loans to build new factories overseas.
A flawed and imperfect union, a people I love and would died for on any given day.

Our nation yawning for justice owns this heart. 

Like Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes, 'I too sing" America.
Like Langston Hughes, I cry out "Let America Be America".
Like Dr. Martin Luther King, I march for an American dream that never was,
But could be,
If only we all marched.

A nation's where tax rates for the wealthy fell from 90% in 1950 to 35% today. All things being relative perhaps there were no millionaires or billionaires in the 50(s), 60(s), 70(s), and 80(s)? Taxes did not stop the wealthy from being wealthy or living large. We are the nation that elected a billionaire who hasn't paid federal income taxes in over 20 years.
Ask yourselves have middle class tax rates dropped by nearly two thirds since 1950?
Do you know any middle class tax payers who have not paid taxes for 20 years, and are not facing prison sentences?
A nation that provides corporate welfare for their rich and powerful. A wealthy where some openly said we don't need it.
A nation that gives and gives to the wealthy, the powerful and the connected time and time again, and always with a smile.
Almost saying, we wish, we could do more to make you richer of course.
All the while our elderly, the sick, the poor, and our veterans are told they are problems, and given crumbs, sent away being told to consider themselves lucky.

Dr. King protested regardless of who controlled the White House. In 63 Dr. King quoted scripture saying “Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Like Martin I plan to fight for justice until it rolls down like water. I am marching on Saturday, because if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was here he would be marching with our women. I am marching, because at the age of eight years old I marched with my grandfather at the 1963 March on Washington with Martin.

The system, always been corrupt, but now it is blatantly corrupt.
I know my mission,
I know where I stand,
And for who I'll stand for.
The question is not about how corrupt the system is, but will you march against the corruption of justice in our nation?
I am honored and blessed to march for justice and equity.
Silence and apathy are not acceptable,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

Please consider marching with Save Our School March on 1-21-17. We are meeting at 9:30 at the United States Department of Education in Washington DC. We will join the march at 10:AM
If you like to listen to the song that inspired my morning walk today it's .... Sweet Honey in the Rock 'Keep your eyes on the prize"

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