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Sunday, February 19, 2017

It's the 48% who stay home that hurts the most

I can't complain about Trump voters, Clinton Voters, Stein voters, Johnson voters, or even the write in voters.
Every voter breaks the silence of hopelessness. I respect those that showed up regardless of who they voted for.

However, I do point my finger at those that were silent on Election day. They above all other have brought us this divided nation.
48% is the silence that empowers politicians to govern poorly, to abuse the elderly, the young, our handicapped, working people, our veterans, the middle class, and our most vulnerable.

48% who ensure that no president can win more than 24-26%,
48% ensure our bitter division,

48% is the number that empowers money, power and corruption,

48% is the number that empowers the 1% to abuse the 99%,
48% is the number that emboldens injustice,
48% is the number that shames freedom,
48% is the silence that torments America,
48% is the sinful painful silence that encourages our tormentors.

Wake up 48%
Get up off your knees 48%
Stand up 48%,
Turn up,
Show up,
Look up,
Your silence and apathy imprisoned change,

48% hear the words of Paul Simon's warning,
"Fools said I, You do not know, silence like a cancer grows,
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you,
But my words like silent raindrops fell, and echo,
In the wells of silence" 

I call to you the 48% tormentors of silence,
On my knees I am begging
Break the silence,
End the divide,
Save us,
Rise up!

Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you are wondering what song I am listening to as I get ready leave for Ireland for my wife's mother's burial, our dear Betty...its Disturbed powerful version of Paul Simon's  "The Sound of silence"

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