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Saturday, July 8, 2017

What if, Policy Makers and Legislators listened to teachers, parents and children?

Got this little beautiful "What if" dream 

What if our policy makers and legislators listened to Teachers, Parents, and Children?

Well then:
All this meaningless testing would end.
Art, would be part of every learning day.
Music, would be part of every learning day.
Physical Education, would be part of every learning day.
Every child who needs a Reading Specialist, Special Education Teacher, Social Worker, School Counselor, or School Nurse would have one.
Child Center Learning would matter again.
Computers would not be substitutes for teachers, but just another learning tool.
Teachers would be appreciated.
Parents would be real school partners.
Children would be gifts.

What if our Policy Makers and Legislators stopped listening to Tech Billionaires, Wall Street CEOs and Test Publishers
 who see profits not children in our public schools?

Well then:
They would stop getting massive campaign contributions from people who want to privatize our local public schools, and profit off our children, parents, teachers, and public schools.
They would realize they work for the people, and not Wall Street.

Blue State or Red State would not matter to states that put public education and children first. 
They would have to earn our votes not take them for granted.

What if standards stopped being benchmarks?

Well then:
Teachers could see the child not the test score.
Teachers could meet children where they are at, and move them forward.
Kindness, respect, and dignity would become the only standards we need.
Children would learn to love learning, and be prepared to meet every challenge needed in a world where they will change careers often.

What if the teachers and parents stood up for our children?

Well then:
Equity and justice for all would come first in our public school system.
Our public schools would be the pride of the nation.
Our public schools would become community hubs and catalysts for healing, hope, joy, and centers for the love of learning.
Until then, I'll keep fighting for the public schools our children deserve.
Come join the fight to Save Our Public Schools,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner 

If you like to listen to the song that inspired my walk this morning....its the version of "Teach Your Children" done by Play For Change

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