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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Connecticut: "We Choose: Truth in Education Reform Task Force"

Once again, our Tax Dollars are feeding the Charter School Gravy Train. Wall Street CEOs are invited into our communities, given millions, millions more in tax breaks, Visas for their friends and families, and given the keys to our local public schools. This continues to happen despite NAACP and Black Lives Matter Moratoriums on New Charter Schools. 
Budget cuts are devastating our local public schools in Connecticut and across the nation. Our nation's legislators at every level continue fill that-for Profit Charter School Gravy Train. Hundreds of millions of our public tax-dollars given to for profit educators at every turn. All the while they are cutting local school budgets. 

This Monday is Columbus Day. It should be noted Columbus did not discover a new world. It was already here, but his coming did mark the birth of a deadly colonization that would decimate Native Nations and their peoples. Columbus had no right to claim a New World for Spain that he did not own.
Local Public Schools are already here. These Education Reformers for profit, have no right to use our tax dollars to colonize our local public schools.
This Columbus Day, this coming Monday, Connecticut Moral Mondays, SOS, BATs, Children Are More Than Test Scores join with "We Choose" National campaign plan to step up our fight for real equity, real justice in our local public schools.
We reject inequity,
We reject injustice, 
And we reject the colonization of our local public schools. 

This Monday we shall launch a "We Choose: Truth in Education Reform Task Force" to investigate School Choice Reforms in Connecticut. 
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

From where I stand, I don't see failing schools. I see legislators at every level, failing to fully our poorest schools, and giving away billions of tax dollars to CEOs to plunder our local community public schools.
If you want to listen to the song that inspired my walk ovwer the mountain this's the Black Eye Peas singing "Where Is The Love"

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