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Friday, December 6, 2013

The people give thanks and praise to Mandela

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has died at age 95. He was Xhosa born to the royal family. He studied the law, and as a lawyer he was repeatedly arrested fighting against the evils of apartheid. Charge over and over again with committing seditious activities, and even with treason. In 1962 the South African government would place our freedom fighter in prison for the next 27 years. His only real crime was he fought to bring justice to the people he loved. The only seditious acts and treason committed was comitted by the White leadership of an aparthied government. A government that brutaly inprisoned and murder it's own people. Even in prison he continued the struggle, and became the face of hope for Black South Africans, and peoples all over the world. His life was one lived with dignity, honor, and nobleness.

We lost a giant this week, a freedom fighter, a voice of social justice, and a nation healer. He brought truth and reconciliation to South Africa a nation deeply rooted in the evils and brutality of Apartheid. He never stopped fighting against injustice. The anti-apartheid leader and Nobel laureate became one of the most dearly loved international figures of hope, peace and justice. In 1994, in a historic election, he became the nation's first black leader. Mandela stepped down in after serving only one single term and retired from political and public life. He had no desire to hold political power his only real desire was to bring justice and peace to his beloved South African people. 

Today you walk with Stephen Biko your dear friend and fellow freedom fighter in the glorious house of God. Bravo Mandela, three cheers brother, and thanks and praise for being our role model of justice. 
We honor Mandela not with words, but with actions. Silence and apathy are the enemies of justice, hope, and peace. Silence and apathy are not acceptable actions. 
Nelson Mandela's wish is for us to fight them at every step, seek the truth, and fight for it.
Love, love, love,
Jesse The Walking Man

If you are wondering what the Walking Man listened to on his walk over the moutain was the "People want Mandela"

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  1. We cetainly lost a big one. Nice tribute Walking Man.