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Friday, July 22, 2016

I see hope in you

Hope does not divide us. Hope brings us together. Hope does not live in Congress, the Senate, the White House, or our Governor's mansions. Hope is not traded on Wall Street. Hope lives in the people. Hope grows with every handshake, every hug, and every helping hand. Every time I think hope is lost I turn to you. I find hope in the people.
The people who walk, get on the bus, the train, drive their cars to their jobs.
You know the jobs:
The jobs that keep our bridges, tunnels, and highways open,
The jobs that keep the trains running on time,
The jobs that save lives in our hospitals,
The jobs that put vegetables, fruits, and bread on our tables,
The jobs that keep our phone lines open,
The jobs that keeps the lights turned on,
The jobs that pack the trucks and deliver the goods to market,
The jobs that pure our coffee, pump the gas, and always say thank you,
The jobs that put the fires out,
The jobs that carry the sick and dying to our emergency rooms,
The jobs that pack the shelves with the goods we need to live our lives,
The jobs that clean our streets and highways,
The jobs that clean our clothes, our homes, and offices,
The jobs that fix our cars, our trucks, our buses, our trains, and washers and dyers,
The jobs that patch our roofs,
The jobs that build our homes,
The jobs that cook our meals,
The jobs that keep our streets safe,
The jobs that keep our schools running,
I see hope on the faces of the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker.
I see hope in you.

If you like to listen to the song that inspired my walk over the mountain today..its Dick Gaughan "The Workers' Song

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