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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'll keep on walking, talking and marching.

Above is a little slide show from The Peoples March for Public Education and Social Justice 

For nine months I feared the Save Our Schools Coalition would not be able to pull off a march and a conference in DC. It kept me awake many nights, it was always on my mind. But, my bigger fear was doing nothing as legislators and policy makers passed ESSA. 
Since my first walk to DC in 2010 to protest NCLB. I found an endless alphabet education reform soup, (RTTT, CCSS, ESSA, and CBE) of destructive education reforms demoralizing and dehumanizing public education. 
What I loved about this year's march is that it brought racial justice, economic justice and public education together. 
Three days after, my fear is that Americans so rooted in silence and apathy will not wake up in time to save our public schools. Will not wake up in time to make justice for all the standard of our nation.
So I guess I'll keep on walking, keep on talking, and keep on marching,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to hear the tune I listened to on my walk this morning...its Barry Lane singing Walking Man

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