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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 14 is dedicated to the one and only E.A. Reynolds West Side High School and their great principal, Jean Schutt McTavish.

What does activism look like?
It's a fellowship of walkers for justice not just more testing.
It looks like

Rosalie Friend of SOS walking 10 miles with me,
It looks like Gretchen Merenthaler and Fred Smith walking five sharing the tales and stories of Change The Stakes,
It looks like SOS National Steering Committee member Michael Shaw joining for the last five miles, and speaking turth to power at our press conference at New York City Hall,
It look like retired teacher Council member Danny Drumm saying preach it Walking Man.
It's looks Michael Elliot with his back pack of cameras, microphones, and video cameras.
It looks like Darla Shaw and her husband driving down from Connecticut for a press conference.

What does it feel like?
It feels like tired feet,
It feels like hope resting as you break bread with your fellow walkers at the Metro Diner in Manhattan,
It feel like hope and love growing in your heart.

What does love look Walking Man?
It looks like walkers walking for justice not just more testing?
It looks like E.A. Reynolds West Side High School School Principal Jean Schutte Tavish greeting you at the door with smoothies.
It looks like 30 beautiful smiling teachers running out to greet you, thank you, and to welcome you into their school.
It's look like sitting on the school steps holding a welcome Walking Man banner.
It's looks 30 teachers saying give us that "We Are Marching In The Light" sermon Jesse.

What does love sound like Walking Man?
It sounds like we love our students here,
It sounds like we love our school here,
It sounds like we love our principal here,
It sounds like we love our work here.

Walking Man, tell us where hope lives?
Teachers, teachers hope lives in:
Your eyes,
Your welcoming smiles,
Your warm embraces,
Love grows strong here at EA Reynolds West Side High School,
I see love everywhere here.

Walking Man, tell us where inspiration lives?
Teachers, teachers inspiration  lives in you,
Lives in your students,
Your school, and in each other,
Your inspiration overpowers me,
It comforts me,
It inspires me.

What is transformation and when does it begin?
Teachers, teachers, it already began on the front steps of your high school,
It was already in your heart long before the Walking Man knocked at your school door.
You who gave your heart all year long to your students,
The ones no one else wanted,
The ones you transformed.
You are transformation walking in this world.

Perhaps you thought this Walking Man brought it to you?
No, no, no, you brought it to him.

Perhaps you thought this Walking Man was bringing love to you?
No, no, no, you brought it to him.
Perhaps you thought this Walking Man would inspire you?
No, no, no, you inspired him.
On this my 14 day of my 400 mile walk to DC,
I give this 10-miles to Principal Jean Schutte Tavish and her glorious, loving, caring, awe inspiring E.A. Reynolds West Side School teachers.

I am humbled by your love, your light, and your hope.
On day 14 when my feet were tired I found love, rest, nourishment in an Oasis called E.A. Reynolds West Side High School.
On day 14 the Lord led me to the steps of hope outside your school doors.
Walking to DC,
If you want to hear what this Walking Man listened to on his walk to today. It's The Omage community youth Choir singing "Love Rescue Me";_ylt=AknxIzxU10Ja7D26VXD0Y0ebvZx4?p=Utube+love+rescue+me&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-901&fp=1
Truth be told I found tears rolling down my eyes as I heard a story of my Grandfather's hometown. Perhaps music and stories are the magic that lifts us up. Perhaps One Man Walking In The Name of Love does matter? 

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