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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Parents are speaking up, standing up, fighting back, opting out and coming out to meet the Walking Man

My walk today on day # 7 is dedicated to Cheryl Hill, New Milford, CT, and Susan Zeitler Sherman, CT.  These two Connecticut Mom’s are committed to the fight to stop high stakes testing, data mining and privatization of public schools.  They are regulars at both local and State Board Of Education meetings.  I met the ladies when I was invited to speak at the Sherman Common Core event last year.  At the Bank Street shop today in New Milford, we had coffee after my walk, they asked me  to carry their concerns to the Save Our Schools Mock Trial "The People VS Corporate Reform”. Thanks Ladies, for taking the time out of your busy day to meet up with me on my walk.

This is their message they asked me to bring to DC:

"So much has happened since you participated in the Sherman common core presentation last summer. We are dedicated to bringing awareness of the facts to the BOE, administration and parents.  Sherman CT has achieved one of CT's highest elementary opt out rates. Sherman parents understand that refusing the tests safeguards their children's data, shields inappropriate teacher evaluations and sends a strong message that parents will utilize their inalienable parental rights to protect their children.

In the town of New Milford the budget forced a school closed.  As a founding member of the CT Parental Rights Coalition, they focus on legislation that upholds parental rights and safeguards the data privacy of our children, their families and teachers. It's when we are in Hartford, attending these hearings, we see the influence of lobbyists.  What's driving the destructive testing and dangerous data mining? Investors and corporations see our children and schools with dollar signs in their eyes. They see a (dehumanized) market, an opportunity to make any expense. Are CT legislators that coddle lobbyists willing to sell us, our data, our public schools?

Jesse, the issues we face in Sherman and New Milford are not unique. Parents, teachers and students across CT and across our nation know these tests are destructive.  The data issues put our children in danger.  Charter Schools and privatization have been proven to fail.   These "reforms" are death. It's time to stop high stakes testing, data mining and privatization.

Our country needs a paradigm shift back to the truth - We The People, We The Parents, were born with inalienable rights. Among these, are the rights to direct the upbringing and education of our children. We demand our children receive appropriate education, and are not harmed in the process. We stand by our teachers and public schools.

Please Jesse, bring our message to Washington, DC-

Stop high stakes testing, data mining and privatization of public schools.

Cheryl  and Susan it was great meeting up with you today, and I will take your message and all those I gather on my walk, to Washington DC.


Jesse The Walking Man Turner 06/17/15
In case you want to know what song the Walking Man was listening to on Day 7 of my walk to's Sam and Dave "Hold On I'm coming" So hold on New York I'm 53 miles away now.

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