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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

If you ever had a teacher! Sometimes you just start walking

Tenure is under attack from the east coast to the west coast, it not grassroots it is an attempt to turn our public schools into drive by teaching factories. Teachers are losing tenure in states all around the nation. It's under assault by both political parties and Privatizing Education Deformers everywhere.
In North Carolina the Governor and the Legislators threw it out last year. Their courts just informed them that law is illegal. Thank god some judges understand this issue. Here is the link to the North Carolina court decision > <

Were you one of those people who years later went back to your old school to see a teacher, or reached out to someone who made a difference in your life? A move by governors and legislators to prevent that opportunity is building all across the nation. If we remain silent and apathetic public education as we know it will become something of the past. The push by Education Reformers is to re-make teaching into a stop by career. Something you do for a couple of years, and move onto something more meaningful. You know like legislator, or charter school CEO.
Barry Lane at our CCSU Teacher Love Fest called his 4th grade teacher Miss. Foley as part of his performance. You could have heard a pin drop as we listened to them talking. If these Education reformers have their way they will not only end tenure at every level of education, but also end any possibility of any future Miss Foley. Here is a link to Barry Lane singing to Miss Foley who he still calls and visits regularly:

Glad to hear the North Carolina courts sided with tenure, but trust me these reformers are not giving up on destroying public education. Why groups like Save Our Schools March, United Opt Out, Parents Across America, Journey 4 Justice, C.O.R.E, TNT (Testing Is Not Teaching), and BATs, (53.000 BATS) were created? They were created to save our children, teachers, public schools, and our democracy. I only named a few here, but there are now hundreds of grassroots groups standing up for public education, and we are growing wiser, more savvy, and stronger everyday.

Now I am walking from Connecticut to Washington DC from June 11 to July 24 to protest what is happening to our children, their teachers, and their local public schools. It will take 42 days, there will be 17 Connecting The Dots Walking Events during my walk, and a Mock Trial and parade at the BAT Teacher Congress on July 24 at the end of my walk. Big events are nice, but I would love to have coffee and chat with students, parents, and teachers this June/July as well. 
I begin my walk to DC in 8 days I would love the idea of personally listening and hearing people's stories along the way. Email me ( if you like to chat and share some coffee during June or July. Heck you can call me while I am walking 860-817-1121.
If you like to hear more details about my walk tune in on Sunday June 7 for James Avington Miller's "The War Report on Public Education at 2:PM EST > <
or to that listen to Tim Slekar and I as we take people to the river on education of education deform on Busted Pencils Fully Leaded Education Talk show at  6:PM EST.>

If you don't live on the walk email me your story > < my plan is to share our stories in a daily podcast during my walk as well. Silence is our end. Thank you, just being listenings, listening breaks that silence. Silence and apathy are the enemies of democracy.
Love you all,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to know what song I was listening to today it was the News Boys "we could change the world"

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