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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NCLB, RTTT ESSA inequity has always been part of the plan from the beginning

President Franklin Roosevelt said: "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
Equity is complicated. Inequity is not in my humble opinion. You either have the public will for justice for all, or you don't.
What is wrong with NCLB, RTTT and the ESSA? Of course the testing and standards will save us is all wrong, but it is more complicated than merely the over use of testing.
What is not complicated is every one of Ed Education reform acts is they have come up don't help every child. Education reformers offer false choices, lotteries, and competitions between those with more resources and those with less. Their plans are punitive, they reward some with new buildings, more flexibility, and resources, and leave others with less. Places like Chicago are no different than any other urban or rural community of color. These Education reform solutions only help some. They were planned from the start to only help some. They demand very costly data tracking systems, but offer little in the way of actual help at the classroom level for children in need.
These Ed Reform Acts are like the Titanic. They never had enough life boats for all children. Why were there not enough life boats on the Titanic? They were so sure their boat was unsinkable. After all the were the builders, business leaders, and owners. They were smarter than everyone else. They did not want to spend money on life boats for all, because anything they did would never ever sink!
What is not complicated in my view is they have no plan to end inequity in our public schools. If you have no plan to end inequity than any plan you have is unjust for some. Injustice for some is injustice for all.
My question to policy makers, politicians, and compromises is why can't we have equity for all?
Equity Now,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner
Notice to the wealthy, the powerful, and the connected your education reform plan have failed FDR's test of progress.

If you are wondering what this walking man is listening to on this's Barry Lane's "Afraid of love" Come July 8, 2016 the coalition of the just shall gather together against the harm done to our children in the name of education reform. We will gather at the Lincoln Memorial to rally, and we will march to the White House. We will not endorse any politicians, we will not cheer Grit and Rigor, we will march for play, art, music, real reading, real writing, physical education, real history, applied science, applied math, student learning choices, and respect for teachers and parents. We need every who can to come join us.

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