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Sunday, September 10, 2017

I see a Truth to Power day coming, and we'll sing Hallelujah

Someday history will tell the evil truth of policy makers, legislators, and CEOs who came to destroyed public education.
On that same day, history will tell the stories of resisters who spoke up, stood up, and saved our schools.

Children will ask:

Were you there in 2011 with SOS,
Did you write one of those Teacher letters to Obama,
Were you at the 2 DOE occupies in DC with UOO,
Were you with Long Island Opt Out,
Were you an Opt Out parent,
Were you a Badass Teacher,
Were you with United Opt Out,
Were you with Parents Across America,
Were you with Network for Public Education,
Were you with Chicago Teachers Unions,
Were you one of the Dyett hunger strikers,
Were you there with SOS, BATs, UOO, J4Jusitce, Rev Barber, and Bishop Selders at the Lincoln Memorial in 2016?

Were you with Children Are More Than Test Scores?

Young teachers will ask:

Did you stand with Journey 4 Jusitce,
Did you listen to the War Report?
Did you stand with PCAPS,
Did you stand with Moral Mondays,
Did you stand with the Dreamers?

Or were you:
One of the complacent ones,
One of the silent ones,
One of those apathetic ones that let it all happen?

Someday, they will tell the story of those who saved our public schools.
On that day I plan to stand tall,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

There are many, many groups fighting back, please add your names to our resistant groups? I am inspired by the thought that there are too many groups to list.
When that Truth to Power day comes?
I plan to be singing Hallelujah with my buddy Barry Lane, just like on that 2011 day in DC

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