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Monday, June 11, 2012

I know a scam when I see it America

Our leaders worship the too big to fail bankers and Wall Street billionaires. You know the ones who closed our factories, made American workers pack up their machinery to be sent over seas. Those people, who forced our hard working brothers and sisters to train their replacements in China. Yeah, people you know- those wealthy Americans who can't get enough tax break patriots. The ones who say let the poor fend for themselves. 
Our politicians tell us to place our faith in the private sector heroes, the ones that brought us:
The Tech Bubble, 
The stock bubble, 
The real-estate bubble, and
The too big to fail banks,
Yeah the ones we bailed out,
The ones who borrow from our taxpayer backed Fed at near zero interest rates,
Those big corporations that our Supreme Court Justices label people, and said they can spend as much as they want to influence our elections. 
Now these bright ones, these judases, are saying firemen, policemen, nurses, and teachers should not be guaranteed pensions.
Now, I am no Ivy League graduate. I went to David E. Public School, graduated from James J. Ferris high school, and hold a few degrees from those state universities that they love to berate, but I know a scam when I see it. 
Wake my fellow Americans it's time to start respecting those that protect us from fire, from crime, clean our bedpans, and teach our children. 
I say the time for paying homage to Wall Street, bankers, and billionaires is over, and the time to vote the bums out is now.
No more tax breaks for billionaires,
Still walking,
Still talking,
Still writing,
Still marching,
And still ain't nobody gonna turn me around,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

On my walk today it was all Bruce Springteen's Rocky Ground.