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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wall Street closed while union men and women answered the call

No school talk from me today, but a lesson just the same readers.

Did you noticed when Storm Sandy hit our shores who came our to help? It was Union member first responders who left their own families, their own homes to serve and protect the public. Mayor Bloomberg, Governors Malloy, Como, and Christie all called upon union nurses, union police officers, union firefighters, and union Port Authority workers. Mayor Bloomberg even asked teachers to help at the emergency shelters, and many answered the call.

Remember this lesson on Election Day. Unions made this nation, and unions have never failed to answer the call to duty. When those natural disasters get tough union workers have always answered the call. 
Wall Street ran home, and closed shop for two days. Told the world markets to hold their breath. Our bankers and brokers ran home knowing that “all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again” While our union boys and girls answered their call to duty just like they did on 9-11.
You can bet your life on this one truth America. It will be our union brothers and sisters that will pick up the pieces, and build it all up again. It will be union made, and union strong.
Remember this come Election Day the enemy is not unions, but politicians and billionaires who claim union members make too much money, and their pensions cost too much. Meanwhile not one politician or billionaire is complaining that CEOs make 475 dollars for every dollar the average working person makes. When the skies clear Governor Christie and his fellow republicans will once again design new ways to weaken first responder pensions, but not one of those Wall Street golden parachutes will be harmed by them. After all you certainly don't want class warfare. Welcome to the war on the middle class!  
Love my union bothers and sisters,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sometimes the fun has a greater purpose

Just for my pal Mark Naison who wonders when was the last time any policy maker said learning should be fun. We love you Dr. Naison. So please don't hold your breath on the fun thing with policy makers? They just don’t get it. My thinking is every one of them hated learning, or are being paid well to sing the joys of filling in bubble tests. However children know better. There is no talking, and certainly no laughing is allowed when filling in their bubbles.

Fun is however something children, teachers, and parents get. This week in our CCSU Literacy Center we are having fun every day. We're singing, acting, and reading chapter books to honor our hero Malala Yousulfrizai the young Pakistani girl who was shot by the Tiliban for going to school last week. We are honoring her by celebrating 
what she stands for the right of all girls to sing, read, write, and go to school.
This fall every time a student completes 2-chapter books, and the tasks that goes along with them. Dr. Turner has to bow down on his knees proclaiming "their third grade brain is so much more brilliant than his very tiny little puny brain...I publicly bow down to your reading stamina, and pure greatness" They also pick the hat I should wear as I award them their gold medal, (pure plastic of course). We do have an array of crazy hats here Mark. You would love them. For some reason the teachers hear have convinced our students that crazy hats make you read better. While I have no real scientific evidence it appears to be working well.

Yes we have fun! We read without tears. We gladly complete all our assignments as well. Our chapter books are flying off the shelves. Our kids are reading not to score well on some policy maker’s test, but because reading is cool.
This afternoon it's our reading marathon to honor Malala our hero. We will read on chairs, on the floor, in the hallway, on the stairs, and even under the tables. We’ll read alone, in small groups, and all together. We will snap pictures of girls reading, and everyone writes get-well notes to Malala Yousulfrizai. We check our spelling, make sure our pictures are sharp, because we’ll post them to the London Hospital where Malala is being treated for the gunshot wound to her head. The children may not understand why this really happened to her, but they know it was wrong, and they know how to make her feel better.
You and I Dr. Naison know something that our policy makers appear to have lost sight of. It's the fun that motivates learning not their bubble testing.
Still having fun marching,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

people do you really have to guess what I am listening to on my walk today?

Rocking with Cyndi Lauper singing "Girls just want to have fun"

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