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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Teachers Rise Up, let 1 become 2, and 2 become 4, and let it grow until it's all of us

One of my dearest education activist friends said to me this week..."I so tire of waiting on people to wake up"...she said what can we do to wake teachers up?"
The day all the teachers walk out, is the day parents will walk out as well.
The one, consistent truth in our public education system is since day one, over a 170 years Black, Brown, Poor and Special Education students have never known one day of equity.
There is only one remedy! A teacher uprising, and that remedy begins with 1.
Let it begin with 1,
Let 1 become 2,
Let 2 become 4,
Let 4 become 8,
Let 8 become 16,
Let 16 become 32,
Let 32 become 64,
Let 64 become 128,
Let 128 become 256,
Let 256 become 512,
Let 512 become 1,024,
Let 1024 become 2048,
Let 2048 become 4,096,
Let 4,096 become 8,192,
Let 8,192 become 16,384,
Let 32,768 become 65,536,
Let 65,536 become 131,072,
Let 131, 072, become 262,144,
Let 262,144 become 524,288,
Let 1,048,576, become 2,097,152,
Let 2,097,152 become 4, 4,194,304,
And then 4,194,304 becomes every teacher in the land.

I'm not tired, I'm a teacher rising up, and I am not alone,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

SOS, Journey 4 Justice, and WLU have never stop rising 
If you like to hear the tune, this Walking Man was listening to on his walk's John Legend and Roots cover of Wake up Everybody