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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Legislators, it's not just your immoral budgets, we want out public schools back

I have been at the capital and fighting against CT Legislators proposed budgets every day. 114 of Connecticut Clerical Leaders called for a Moral Budget, and they took their call for a Moral Budget this past Monday to the Connecticut Legislative House. When they start singing "This little light of mine" 6 of them were arrested, and the rest of us were pushed out of the people's legislative house. Both political parties here are set to deliver painful cuts to our most needy and our public schools. But it is not just about the budget, it is about what they have done to our children, their teachers, and our public schools. We deserve a Moral Budget!
We need, our public schools back from your unfunded and insane mandates. We need, teachers to be respected again by our legislators and policy makers. We need, wrap around services for our most vulnerable children. We need, smaller class sizes. We need, more Art and Music. We need, more social workers and councilors. We need, summer school program for all children. We need, less testing, and more teaching. We need, funding for more field trips. We, need more special education teachers. We, need more para-professionals, We, need more Literacy Specialists. Most of all we need moral legislators willing not to protect billionaires, but to protect our children, our parents, our teachers, and our public schools.
Connecticut is not unique in this madness that cuts funding in our classrooms, and gives billions to testing companies at the same time. We need a Moral Budget, and a Moral People ready to fight to take back our public schools. Still marching, Jesse The Walking Man Turner

PS I got my walking shoes on. If you like to hear what inspired my walk this morning...its Barry Lane’s “Jesse Turner Is A Walking Man”

Monday, June 5, 2017

Today I shall walk with the Moral

Today Monday June 5, at 4:PM in Hartford Connecticut at the Legislative Chambers.
I will answer the call to the faithful, people of good conscience, and the just issued by Connecticut's Clergy to go to the Legislative chamber to demand a Moral Budget.
Today I will walk in the light of a greater good.
Today I will walk with my DueJustice brothers and sisters.
Today I will walk with our men and women of our clergy of all faiths.
Today I will walk with our non-profit agency leaders who serve the poor.
Today I will walk with my union brothers and sisters.
Today I will answer the call to justice.

Rev Barber said: "it is emotionally sick to deny people health care."
I would add it is evil for the wealthiest and most nation in the world not to provide medical care to all their own citizens.
When judgement day comes?
Shall our leaders say Lord, we could have asked the wealthy do pay more, but that would have limited to 5 or 6 mansions only Lord.
While they raise taxes on the middle-class lord. They reduced taxes by half on the wealthy since the 1960s.
What shall they say Lord?
They fear asking the wealthy to pay more might mean lowering their standard of living might fall.
Shall our legislators cry out Lord we could have could have ask them to pay more to help the sick, but the sick should have taken care of themselves.

Johnny Cash sang the "The man going round"
"There's a man goin' 'round takin' names
And he decides who to free and who to blame
Everybody won't be treated all the same
There'll be a golden ladder reachin' down
When the man comes around"

I don't need the man to come around to stand up for my brothers and sisters who are sick.
I don't need the man to come around to stand up for my brothers and sisters who are hungry.
I don't need the man to come around to tell me that 49 states spending more money on their wealthy schools than their poor schools to stand up for our poor schools.
I don't don't need the man to come around. I need to stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves.
I am my brother's and sister's keeper, and they are mine.
Today I will be a Moral Man.
Jesse The Walking Man Jami Turner

If you want to know what I am listening to this morning as I prepared to walk with Connecticut's Clerical Leader its...Johnny Cash singing "There's a man going round"