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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why books make the difference!

No Save Our Schools today, No shouting at the walls of test them until they cry stuff. Today it's back to the seeds of transformation planted some 46 years ago that started me walking last year. Life's experiences shape who we become.   Alan Cohen reminded us that: "Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.'

For me the seeds of transformation came in the Thanksgiving without a turkey, the Christmas without a tree, the winter without heat. I found warmth at school, hope in the eyes of a few candles given to me by my single mother who knew a boy with books has everything he needs in the dark. Those candles planted a pocketful of seeds of transformation found at my public library. My research back then informed me that while reading by candlelight may hurt the eyes it improves comprehension ten fold.
Charles Dickens gave me light in a dark world.
Teachers and books blessed me,

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  1. Jesse, Thanks for your words and your actions.

    Love, D/