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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A crime against humanity
Where was the NY Times editorial board on this crime against this New York child hooked up to his IV waiting for surgery? 
What that you say they were writing about how the common core State Standards are the best thing since slice bread.  
Perhaps they were on a conference call to Secretary Duncan asking how can we help spread your lies?
Perhaps they saw no profit in the truth?
Perhaps they are concerned they might offend Pearson?
Perhaps they just don't see, understand, or care about New York's children being victimized by meaningless standards and testing?
Someday our children will grow up, and they will ask how could you stand by while our childhoods were being crushed.
When that day comes I plan to say I fought for you every step of way my child.
What's your plan come that day?
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

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