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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Institutional Racism in CT, Look no further than our effort to honor Ebenezer Bassett

Readers take a minute to read the above. My thinking is not many of my readers live near Hartford CT. But, I want to share an insight into how institutionalized racism works in Connecticut, and most likely elsewhere as well. This is a battle that has been fought now for nearly five years...even longer in many ways. Who is Ebenezer D. Bassett was the first African American graduate of a public university in Connecticut, and the first African American Diplomat. Who became known as the Hero of Hispaniola for saving thousands of lives as ambassador.  He was an famed innovative education reformer, an abolitionist, and courageous civil rights activist. I can think of no more worthy Alumni name to place on one of our buildings at Center Connecticut State University.

We have one last river to cross here in Connecticut before Central Connecticut State University finally honors it's most significant graduate. It seems the policy here, is people have to buy university building names these days. I guess 400 years of slavery and Jim Crow were not payment enough? The time to honor Ebenezer Bassett in now.

If you live in Connecticut, please consider standing with us tomorrow morning in Hartford. We need all hands on deck, because this is the last hurdle. Imagine this, not one CT Government Building is name after a famous African American. What message are we sending our young people entering our institutions of higher education? When we can't name even one building after one of the most significant Black figures in our state history?
Some might called that coincidence.
Not me,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
Moral MondayCT Education Ambassador

Wish us luck, and iff you like to listen to the song that inspire my walk today over the Avon's that old spiritual "One More River To Cross" cover by Sam Cooke 

"One More river to cross)

Before I'll be through shedding tears

(One more mountain to climb)
Before I'll be with the blessed
(One more river to cross)
Before I'll take my rest
And I've got one more river 2x
And I've got one more mountain before I take my rest
(One more river to cross)
Put the burden down here"

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