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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

When we fight we win

A Solidarity Shout Out, to my Teacher UTLA and HFT brothers and sisters, 
I want to remind teachers everywhere, about the event of 2018. Teachers in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Mighty West Virginia strike that have set a new agenda for teachers everywhere..."We can't win, if we don't fight back...When we fight back we win.
2018 was the beginning of the revolution to take back our public schools. In 2019 the Mighty Mighty UTLA and my Little Train That Could Hartford Federation of Teachers (HFT), you voices shall lead us forward in this fight back to save our public schools, our children, our profession, and the communities we serve. Word just came in, the BOE has suddenly decided to come back to the table, it appears they just realized HFT members are ready to fight hard. On January 11th, UTLA is going to stage a wear Red for Education Walk in. The point is simple if we don't fight we can't win, thus winning begins with fighting back. 

Solidarity to all my UTLA & HFT brothers and sister,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner 

Just in case you like to know what song inspired my walk on the Mountain's Bill Brag Ruthy Merenda and the NYC Labor Chorus "Union Maid" > <

"You can't scare me, I'm sticking to the union!"

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