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Saturday, September 21, 2019

See The Gifts

See the gifts.
I was talking to one of the teachers I work with this week. She told me about a young child who has a para all day long, and suffers from dangerous brain seizures, and the staff was told he is not expected to live for more than a few more years. He has had many surgeries, and has the scars to show it on his head.

She said he wants so much to interact with the other children, and they like interacting with him. But, we were told do not stress him. He sometimes appears so fragile, and others times he doesn't. He is not able to move about without the assistance of his Para. At first we were afraid, and then we came to know him, his laughter, his smile, and he melted our hearts. The other day, he was playing catch with the other kids, everyone was having fun, and he was laughing away. The Para and I were worried, but everyone was smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves. The Para and I thought let it be.

She asked Dr. Turner, what would you have done? Physical activity might trigger a seizure. I said "Celebrate the wonder a child who gifted his teacher, Para, and classmates with a perfect moment of humanity" and I just might have join in the game. I certainly would have awarded him one of my Plastic Gold medals, bow down to him, and said there has never ever been a better catcher than you.

Play is not stressing, laughter is not stressing, joy is not stressing, and you and your Para did exactly what I would have done. She said he often has seizures during the week when this happens, the children and I leave the classroom, the Para stays, and the nurse comes. My students worry about this child, sincerely care about the child, and always treat him with dignity and respect. On the catch day he suffered no seizures, but we every one of us felt his joy and love. She said those are the days I live for. Trust that those are the days this child lives for.

A dear old friend an Elder Danny Lopez from the Tohono O'odham Nation who past away some years ago.... once told me: "Jesse the creator sends us children we sometimes think are broken, but we are mistaken. They are not broken, they are beautiful strategic gifts the Creator places to in our lives to prove our humanity. It's not the gifts that are broken, it's us, and they have come to help heal us."

See the gifts,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner

In case you are wondering what song inspired my morning walk's Natalie Merchants Wonder

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