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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Teachers Don't Believe The Hype

Teachers don't believe the hype!

Some days,
I can't see hope,
Some days,
I can't feel hope,
Some days,
I can't even walk.

On those days, I think about
These policymakers, CEOs, and Education Deformers trying to convince teachers that we need more rigor, grit, tougher standards, and testing to help the children we teach.

Do not be fooled, teachers who make a different lead with love, compassion, and humanity, not grit.

On these days,
I get up,
Get out of bed,
And I think of the children and teachers I work with.
They lift me,
They inspire,
They compel me to bring humanity into my classroom.

Today is not one of those days without hope.
Today I shall begin reflecting on Leo Tolstoy's Short Story "Three Questions"
There was a king who wanted to be good. It occurred to that king who wanted to be good,
He needed to know the answer to three questions:
A good king needs to know what is the right time,
Needs to know who were the right people to listen to, and above all,
Know what is the most important thing to do,
Such a king would be wise, just, and would always make the right decision.

Tolstoy reminds me as long as I understand that teaching is about
1. Knowing the right time is when we are next to the ones we teach, 
2. Caring enough to deeply listen to the ones next to us,
3. The most important thing to do is always do the right thing for the ones we teach.

Tolstoy reminds Me,
I am a teacher,
Teachers are never hopeless,
Teachers need the right questions much more than they need the answers.
Today, I shall reject the hype of standards and testing will save our children,
I shall teach with the only standards that have ever really mattered in the classroom,
Love, and
Now, I am ready to teach,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
Moral Monday Connecticut Education Ambassador

I teach children, not data! 

If you want to know what song inspired my morning walk today...its Barry Lane "More Than A Number"

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