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Friday, July 10, 2020

What Every School Faces This Fall

Like my brother, Bronx Principal Luis Torres, I am hurting tonight. I can't imagine how Principal Torres will handle the NYC decision when it comes. Luis has my love and support in whatever comes his way. Trust me whatever it is he will do it well.
But, today it hit home here for me. I am the CCSU Literacy Center Director. I have decided our Fall Literacy Program must be an online program. I sent my decision to our Department Chair on Monday. She supports it. It is not what any of us wants, but it is what is needed.
It is not what we want, but this is the only CDC COVID-19 Risk-Free level. A virtual program is safest. I am facing the biggest challenge of my career, creating an engaging, exciting, and worthy online Literacy Center Program for our children, parents, and teachers.
I just could not imagine a program of children and teachers separated by plexiglass, wearing masks, with sanitizing stations, and no real way to clean our social places, our common walkways. The deal-breaker: to ask young children and teachers who may be wearing masks all day long to come to our afterschool program to wear them again is beyond me. We always have some teachers with compromised immune systems, and some children as well.
I have requested that our Literacy Center be the hub of the program. I would run the program in Zoom mode alone online from the Literacy Center using multiple screens with daily zoom community meetings for children and teachers. Hoping they allow this, but not sure. Something tells me we still need to sense a brick and mortar place. I will find out. At 65, I am going to find out many things. At 65, I have nearly 40 of experience to make it work. 65 like 25 remains an embrace it moment, Mr. Turner.
Like Alexander Hamilton, I am not throwing away my shot! I am planning on a Fall program rich in empathy, love, and amazing because that is all I know how to do.
Need prayers, love, and good vibes tonight,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
CCSU Literacy Center Director
If you want to listen to the song that I listened to on the day I made the decision to go back virtually? Its Crosby, Nash, and Young's Teach your children cover by Play For Change.

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