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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Teachers addicted to books

 My wife was in physical therapy, said go get a cup of coffee. I said that sounds like a plan, and set off to the coffee place. However, on the way, I found a bookstore. Coffee or book browsing?

Now, once I enter the bookstore my spirit began to fly, looking this way, that way, up, down, and all around. Teachers don't see books, they see treasures. Next thing I know I find "How To Be A Pirate" by Issac Fitzgerald. An author who has been a firefighter, boat worker, and a man who was once given a sword by a king. Pirate Captain Reads A Lot starts shouting "buy it" Dr. Turner! How can you pass this treasure up? Issac nows lives and writes in Brooklyn. No self-respecting pirate could pass Brooklyn by people! I turn the next bookstore corner, and BAM Jacqueline Woodson's "The Day You Begin" is sitting right there. Just begging for me to read it. Trust me, on this, no reading teacher can pass by Jacqueline Woodson. She is The National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. Everyone has a vice. Some people smoke, Some people drink, Some people gamble, But Reading Teachers are addicted to books. Modern Day Education Reformer Bean Counters, Administrators, Policymakers, and Commissioners of education, Spend their days and nights, Chasing Strategic Learning Goals, (SLOs) and Test Scores. They just don't get: Books. Teachers addicted to books, They can't get that! Teachers spending their own money to make other people's children smile, They can't get that! Can't get these book addicted teachers, and they wonder, Why can't teachers get everything they need from their SLOs? These Bean Counters run around evaluating: SLOs, Test Scores, and Saying on their walkthroughs, Did you use your right teaching words? Teachers addicted to children's books, Evaluate that, Dr. Jesse P. Turner CCSU Literacy Center Director If you like to listen to the song that inspired my morning its "All About the books"

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