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Monday, July 19, 2021

Old Bone love


"Love bones"

Dedicated to Jesse Sherman Turner and one Nicholas Cullen 

When I was young once,
When the world was new,
When it turned upside down,
When hate was everywhere on the news,
When assassins killed our heroes.
His old bones were there,
His smile was there,
His words held me strong.

The boy: " Grandfather,

A boy at school's grandfather died,
Please stop growing old,
Please stay right here with me,
Forever Grandfather.


You can't see it now, but
These old bones feel so wonderfully good.
They have been everywhere,
They have loved your grandmother,
Loved your parents,
Loved my sons and daughters,
Seen war and peace,
Mostly these old bones see you,
My namesake grandson. 


Grandfather, who will take me to the library,
Who will teach me how to tend the garden,
Who will teach me to catch ground balls,
Who will call me on the phone, just to talk?


Old bones have magic,
Let me show you,
He placed his hand on my heart,
I am planting my love bones in this heart of yours.
Then he said to go across the room,
Can you feel my love bones?
Go into the kitchen can you feel my love bones,
Go all the way up the stairs,
Go out to the garden,
Run. All the way to the corner, 

Did you feel my love in all those places?


I felt it everywhere.


That is the way old bones work,
They build up love for years, decades, lifetimes,
Those love bones heal,

Old bones love eternal,
Old bone love is magic,
Old bones love transcends life, death, distance.


I have sealed my old love bones in your heart,
No one can take them,
No one can break them,
No one, but you can touch them.


But, can't you stop growing old?


If these bones stopped growing old?
Your bones would not grow stronger,
You would never find the love of your life,
Feel the value of a lifetime of good work,
Travel the world,
Know that peace is better than war,
Love is stronger than hate,
Besides, I have locked my love bones in your heart?
Wherever you go,
Where ever you stand.
Whatever comes your way,
I will be there!

The Boy : 

60 years later,
I can feel those love bones stronger than ever.

The Boy:

I love these old bones:
I love their magic,
Their strength,
Their hope,
Their love, and
I am locking them into the hearts I love.
After all,
Isn't this how young bones grow strong?

Loving these old bones.,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner 

If you want to listen to the tune that inspires these bones, it is Harry Chapin who left this world far too soon, but left the world a lacacy of love bones.

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