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Monday, March 7, 2022

Fear of Teachers Teaching Historical Truths

Dear Opposers of Critical Race Theory and Book Banners,
Reflecting on these Book Banners and their Anti Critical Race Theory attacks. I see what they fear. When I taught Tohono O’odham Nation Students in Tucson, Arizona. We fully embraced history and the truth. We use literature and poetry to face it head on, dealt with painful historical truths. I was looking through my dissertation this morning and came upon this poem written by a Tohono O’odham students from the reservation. 
Dennis Leyne (age 16) wrote:

“THESE ROOTS” (1997)
If a people don’t have roots,
What do they build on?

We can’t give them wings, and
If we can’t give them roots,
What will they relate to?

If we start to deny our history,
Our culture,
Our Existence,
The facts,
What are we doing?

We are sanitizing history,
Then what do we hold sacred?

Looking back 23 years to my days as a high school teacher of Native American students in Tucson Arizona. I see clearly what is at stake if we fail to address historical truths in our classroom for Native American students, and all our diverse students we attempting to sanitize history and to clip the wings of America's young people.
Why, cause knowing one roots is empowering, and empowering America's young diverse students liberates them. It give them the roots to change the world. Who doesn't want to change the world? RACISTS!  


If you are wondering which song inspire my morning walk today? Its Bob Marley's "Stand Up for Your Rights".

Back in the day!
Back in the day! 


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