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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Higher Order Thinking Requires Art, Music, Movement.

 Salutations readers, today I am sharing something outside my Blogger box.

I wear many hats, Literacy Center Director, Professor of Literacy, serve on various national boards, and committees, and Activist for less testing more teaching, and equity in our public schools. I am a Member of Moral Mondays CT and a proud union member. I also have been doing a once-a-month educators talking radio show for the Tom Ficklin Radio Show 103.5 FM New Haven. It is Facebook-lived as well, so you can see the Walking Man and his guest talking education. 

Yesterday my radio show focused on three educators and authors who work with Connecticut Public Schools to bring art, music, movement, and puppetry to classrooms. We called the show "The Three Musketeers of Fun". We have a powerful and joyful conversation about how art, music, and movement are the first therapies for Trauma. Wealthy children get plenty of all of these in their schools, but children in poor schools receive much much less. This means those children most likely to suffer from Trauma are not getting those essential therapies.   Sir Ken Robinson said: “Teaching is a creative profession.”"Teachers are mentors, they are there to stimulate, provoke, engage, and facilitate learning. But because of the amount of standardized tests that have been mandated by our government, teachers — rather than excite curiosity — are having to be compliant. “One role of education is to awaken and develop creativity. Instead, we have a culture of standardization.” 

The Three Musketeers of Fun: Bringing art, music, and movement back to learning. Big secret we call this "Hot Cognition": when learning is connected to fun, it says with learners long-term. Public School Principals and school districts, this is how we do fun. In therapy Art, Music, and Movement are healers for children and adults suffering trauma. Listen up, these three are telling us something important. 

Here is the link to my The Three Musketeers of Fun 103.5 FM New Haven Radio Show <


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