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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The day after

The day after the elections is the day to start reminding our old and newly elected politicans parents and teachers don't approved of the focus their NCLB/RTTT education reform policy. Children are more than test scores, and so are their teachers. We cannot afford to keep spending billions on more testing rather than focusing on providing actual in the classroom services to our children in need.
I love being part of this great democracy.
Win, lose, or draw on election day the work of the people goes on. I love my people, and I love my nation.
Now is the time to fight for respectful education reform policies that focus on services to children.
On my 400 mile-walk from Connecticut to Washington DC this summer I heard from parents and teachers that 9-12 weeks of testing was hurting children.
It is time to let our policy makers, our politicians, and our president know we want to focus on teaching again.
Silence, and apathy are not acceptable, and my duty goes well beyond merely voting on election day.
I am walking to Washington DC again,

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