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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ain't No Body Gonna Turn Me Around, Keep on Marching, Keep on Talking, Someone Tell Arne We Are Coming To Occupy His DOE

The word from the Selma Jubilee Education Committee is they are not buying RTTT. Equity is not something schools should have to be competing for. Over and over again speakers at the Education summit has said NCLB/RTTT has left schools more segregated than ever.

Spread the word far and wide the people in Selma Alabama where Martin Crossed that Sunday Bloody Sunday bridge do not buying Secretary Arne Duncan's Hype. The call here is to support ALL schools.

I'll be marching across that bridge Sunday at 11:AM with Ceresta Smith from SOS, Morna Mcdermott McNulty of United Opt, marching with all those beautiful Civil Rights Activists.
Tell it in DC, in Florida,
In New Orleans,
In Chicago, in Tucson,
In California, in Boston,
In New York, in Wisconsin,
In Colorado, Oregon,
In Texas, in Michigan,
Tell it in Connecticut, in Indiana,
Tell it in Maryland, in New Jersey.
Shout it on every mountain top in America that School equity cannot be achieved through testing.
We are marching in the light of God here in Selma, and ain't no body gonna turn us around, keep on walking, keep on talking,
Tell Secretary Status Quo Aren Duncan we are coming to Occupy the DOE in DC,
Still walking, Still marching,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner


  1. Keep walkin', Jesse. We love you, man. And that's a beautiful picture you posted. Be righteous for all of us who are with you in solidarity.

  2. David, Ceresta Smith, Tim Slekar, and Morna McDermott McNuly built a new bridge between between the Selma Civil Rights Activists and Opt Out & SOS. They Shined at the Selma Jubilee Education sessions. Selma humbled us, Selma moved us, and enriched our understanding of school equity.
    David thank you for let me know someone is out there.
    Still marching,