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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One Man Walking In The Name Of Love To DC

49 states spend more money on their wealthy schools then they do on their poor schools. When pushed they claim testing and the Common Core is the answer. Isn't it time to hold 49 governors, 49 state legislators, 49 commissioners of education accountable for a failure to provide all children an equitable start and finish in our public schools?

1.2 billion dollars was allocated for No Child Left Behind. Isn't it time that the United States General Accounting Office conducted a forensic audit of where and who every dollar went do?
Equity will never be achieve by reducing our children to test scores.
One Man Walking In The Name Of Love,

If you want to know what the Walking Man was listening to on the treadmill preparing for his 400 mile walk to DC U2 "In The Name Of Love"

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