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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Am Going to Walk For Labor And Justice

So much is wrong in our nation today. The Bully in the White House is dragging us down a little more with each insidious tweet. If you sit home watching it on the news, and you are not marching than you my friend are not part of the solution, but part of the problem.
People are fighting back all over America. I have decided I need to do another walk again. This time I am not walking to DC, but to Hartford LOB. Rev William J. Barber, II said we need to take this fight for justice to our state capitols.
So my Connecticut friends, I am walking 12 miles on Labor Day from Central Connecticut State University, (the first teacher's college in CT) to the Hartford LOB.
I am calling it a Labor and Justice walk. The walk should take me 3 to 4 hours to complete. I am hoping others will join me, or meet me in Hartford. Every Saturday until Labor anyone who wants to prepare for the walk can join me on a walk and talk at the West Hartford reservoir. We will start with walking an hour nice and easy on Saturdays, and work our way up to 12 miles. If you want to join me on my Saturday Walks in preparation just send me a message to
If I find myself walking alone, so be it. I have walked alone before, but if one other joins me. If one other joins me than we will be two, and two join us we will be 4, and if 4 join us than we are 8, and just maybe we'll reach 300. 300 Spartans rallied a nation, and save Greece. Connecticut, I am looking for 300 Labor and Justice walkers. What if the nation walked for Labor and Justice on Labor Day? Something tells me that would be the beginning of the revolution America needs most today.
I am walking for Labor and Justice, Jesse The Walking Man Turner
If you want to listen to the song that inspired my blog today....its a cover of my mother favorite Gospel singer Mahaila Jackson song I gonna live the life I sing about in my song by The Last Internationale

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