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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am walking March 18, 2010

I bet you thought hey Jesse where is your blog? Did this guy skip his 11,000 steps today? Never doubt my determination friends, I walk everyday. Today it was another 5.5 and 756 calories melted away.

Today's my whispered prayers were inspired by Yvonne Siu-Ruyan who forwarded me a link about Congressman Joe Baca who introduce a “Bill to End No Child Left Behind Testing Requirements” (Bill Would End Costly Testing Requirements, Reign in "Teaching to the Test" Culture).  I am holding a "leave a message for Joe saying thank you" party this weekend. Plus having everyone call his or her congressperson to support Joe's bill.

I was also humbled by a poem from Joan Rankin Gaston a music teacher from North Carolina who sent me “ I don’t teach test scores” poem. Take a look at it on our facebook page if you have a chance. It weaves the harm all this testing is doing to teachers and children perfectly.  Then Sarah MCintosh Puglisi responded to Joan's poem posting a painful truth attesting to the damage this policy is doing as well. These are my three heroes today, two delivered powerful truths, and one left me a door of hope. These ladies humbled me, and I am honored to be in their presence.

You can read Sarah story about helping a child who was abused, and Joan Rankin Gaston poem on our facebook page under “ here is a little gift from Joan.
Also the link Yvonne Siu-Runyan forwarded to me on the bill is:

I did read the Diane Ravitch book, and continue to be impressed with the way she is laying out her case against NCLB, and she is at least opening my mind to taking a second look at the “Common Standards”, but like Stephen Krashen I am extremely concerned that these policy makers will use them as an excuse to develop more tests. My kindle is cool, but I will soon be leaving the treadmill behind for the outdoors. Something tells me my kindle may be dangerous for walking outside (-;

Music, well today is was country music that kept me focused. I like the old stuff you know Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Waylon and the boys.  Strange as it may seem I end with Buena Vista Social Club. I grew with a Latin flavor and Motown all around me. I was the last white kid in our neighborhood, a real ghetto boy through and through. Music kept us going, inspired us, moved and sustained us. Church fed the soul, and music fed our feet.  The ache breaky heart country stuff stole a piece of my heart during my stay in Arizona. There is nothing better than Hank Williams late at night in the Tucson desert under a million stars.

I keep dreaming and walking to a place called change. We have to stop this insanity of reducing our children and teachers to numbers on test that by pass their souls.
Sorry my blog was a little later today. I had a day full of meetings, but I always do my walk. Since my blog came so late in the day we have no swaeaty picture today, but you do have a look in my tie.
I am walking to DC,

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