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Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010 Walking to DC

Well friends here is my kindle and iPod they have taken me 372,000 steps to being to ready for my walk to DC. Almost forgot I lost 33 pounds along the way as well. Today is a bright sunny 72 degree day in Connecticut. So it appears that my indoor walking days will soon be ending. The kindle will soon be left at home, and it will be just that dynamic duo Jesse and his iPod. Hey big outdoors get ready for my 800,000 step walk to DC. This morning I met with our local parent leader, (Tyler's Dad) of the New Britain walk for autism. Looks like I am walking in June with them to help them get a few walkers for their cause. 
My whispered prayers today are for all those families living with autism. May they find acceptance, compassion, and the support they and their love ones need. Go Tyler! Tyler is one of the many children who have gone through our Literacy Center, he is a good reader, honest, hard working, and a blessing to all those who know him. He is not limited by his autism, but by those minds who can't see beyond his label. Tyler is beautiful, and so much more than a test score.
I will be promoting my walk at the CCSU Literacy Essentials Conference tomorrow. I am not asking for money, (remember my walk is self funded), but maybe I'll pick up some walking buddies at least for the Connecticut part of my walk. I'm not really sure what promoting my walk means, but I know I need to get out, stand up for what is right. Like Bob Marley sang "Stand up for your rights".
I guess you can tell it was Bob Marley all day today. I end my walk with "I am the small axe coming to cut you down". Someone tell Arne Duncun a small axe is walking to DC,

Here is a peek at spring sneaking up arpund the corner(-;]

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  1. ohhhhh, I see Great Daffodils in your near future!! Maybe in time for Easter - if you celebrate Easter ... if not - for celebrating Spring!!
    I spent 6 hrs in the school garden today. One hour w/ energetic Kindergartners (or KinderGARDEN as I like to call it) ...... funny that my Abby can answer the 4th grade gardening questions and she's only in kinder ...... immersion training I like to think ; )
    Happy Spring Jesse!
    Keep on Walking, kim