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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What If? What if the Ed Reformers had to send their children to public schools?

What if only elected officials who send their children to public schools were allowed to vote on education issues?
What if only Ed Reformers who send their children to public schools could talk about education reform?
What if only education policy makers who send their children to public schools could be appointed Commissioners of Education?
What if Ed Reformers had to be public school graduates themselves?
Something makes me think things would be different.
if that were the case, then the issues we would be talking about now would be:
Class sizes,
An army of reading and math tutors,
More art teachers,
More music teachers,
More school field trips,
More after school programs,
More play time for young children,
Innovative, creative, imaginative Saturday and summer school programs,
Our school would stay open in the evenings for family activities, and adult education program,
If only these Public School Education Reformers had public schools education.
Proud public school graduate, and the parent of a public school graduate,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

just in case you want to know what I am listening to on my walk today. It's What if Daddy by Bobby Bare

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