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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A society that values readers does not close librairies and schools in it's poorest communities

There is no standardize test that makes a reader,
Reading makes a reader,
Choice makes a reader,
Time for reading makes a reader,
Teachers and students reading together make readers.

Teachers don't need a standardize test to tell them who is a reader.
Teachers can see it,
Teachers can hear it,
Teachers can feel it,
Teachers can create reading moments.
Forcing teachers to comply with test and punish mandates does not make readers.

Salvador Dali did not need a standardize test to tell him he could paint.
He could see it in the paint residual on his hands.
Michelangelo did not need a standardize test to tell him he could paint.
He could feel it in the drops of paint stinging his eyes falling from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.
Painting makes good painters.

Reading makes good readers,
Choice makes good readers,
Time to read makes good readers,
Access to books makes readers.
A society that values readers open new libraries, and fills every school with books. 

A society that does not value reading closes libraries and schools.
A society that cuts funding to libraries and schools does not value readers.
We don’t need any standardized test to tell us our politicians and policy makers don’t value readers.
We can see it in the budget cuts to local libraries.
We can see it in the billions spent for new sports stadiums.
We can see it in every tax break for billionaires. 
We can see it in the opening of every charter school that closes a local public school.
We can see it in the fact that 49 states spending more money on their wealthy schools than their poor schools.

It’s time to stop these policies of test and punish, and to begin an era of celebrating reading in our libraries and public schools.
It's time to read,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner
Everyone know hats make you a better reader, and pirates are good reading teachers.

If you really like to know what the Walking Man is listening today it's "Gotta Keep Reading"

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