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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Change always begins with the number 1

In a world where our public schools are seen as testing factories, and where standards without humanity rule.
We find students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community activists in an intense struggle to save our public schools.
You may say what can one person do?
I often ask myself that very same question every morning I rise.

Some days I walk for justice,
Some days I march justice,
Some days I hold a sign justice,
Some days I speak truth to power for justice.

Some days I comfort a parent whose child is struggling,
Some days I help a child in need of hope find it,
Some days I listen to a fellow teacher who needs a friend.
Some days I blog,
Some days I post a hopeful image,
Some days I write letters to editors,
Some days I call legislators and policy makers asking where is the humanity,
Some days I tweet out truths.

Every day I just teach with a heart full of love.
Every day I teach I learn from those I teach,
Every day empathy and humanity drive my learning and teaching,
Every I see children not test scores.
Some days I am just a good husband, good father, good brother, or good neighbor,
What I have come to realize is doing something positive matters.
The people who change the world are always doing something positive.
One person always matters. Change always begins with one person.
Trust there is immense power in the number one.

Today let us all be that one person,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to hear what this walking man was listening to on his walk over the mountain this morning.  It was Eric Clapton's "Change the world"

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  1. Some days I just teach. These days are getting harder and harder to have in this era of high stakes testing.