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Friday, December 18, 2015

Walking Man what will children remember 30 years from now

Walking Man what will children remember 30 years from now about learning?
If I have my way they will remember:
Silly hat days,
Reading for fun,
Reading under tables,
Reading in the halls,
Reading on the steps,
Reading with their friends and teachers,
Celebrating finishing another chapter book,
Earning another plastic gold medal.

Walking Man why is this important?
Because in their future they will change careers 5 or 6 times. Each time will require learning new skills.
My goal is to leave them not only reading, but with a love of learning.
With a love of learning you can go anywhere, doing anything, and climb any mountain.
Trust me on this, a love of learning takes you further than any test score could, and remember smiles still matter.

Walking Man is there anything else they will remember?
Yes, they will remember those that fought NCLB, RTTT, and yes ESSA.
They will know some fought back against turning learning into testing, children and teachers into data points, and their public schools into profits for Wall Street.
They will also remember every name that attempted to turn them into test scores.
I am not certain if 30 years from now I'll be around, but I plan to be remembered as an educator who saw children not test scores.
Silence and apathy are not acceptable,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you want to know what I am listening to today. It's Barry Lane all day long. Particularly "Know Your Higher Self" > <

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