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Friday, July 13, 2018

Dear Mr. President we have a difference of opinion about greeatness

Dear Mr. President, you just don't get this greatness thing. Greatness to you appears to be.. lift me up, lift me up, and more lift me up.
Greatness is not lift me, or us against them, it's lifting all.
Imagine, a nation that refuses to provide equity for all children in its public schools calling itself great?
Not I

Imagine a nation that gives a trillion dollars in Tax Breaks to its wealthiest people, and cuts school budget after school budget, calling itself great?
Not I 
Imagine a nation where it's Secretary of Education refuses to defend the civil rights of all its children in its public schools, calling itself great?
Not I.
Imagine a nation so afraid of their neighbors, it walls itself in, calling itself great?
Not I. 
Imagine a nation putting children in cages, putting them in courts alone, calling itself great?
Not I.
I imagine,
A nation whose teachers and parents unite together to demand equity and justice for their public schools, for all children,
A nation brave enough to pull down its walls,
A nation that does not cage children,
A nation that does not permit children alone to appear in its courts.
This is the greatness, I imagine,
This is the greatness, I'll fight for.
Imagine parents and teachers defending all children,
This, I'll march for,
This, I'll organize for,
This, is our greatness struggle,
And this is the only struggle that offers America greatness.
This is the greatness, I'm marching for,
This is the greatness I'm voting for come November 6, 2018,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to listen to the song that inspired my walk this morning...its "When I travel my last mile" by Ronda Vincent 

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