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Friday, June 21, 2019

Facebook, Does kindness offend thee, or can't you shake off those rigor and grit blues

Dear Facebook, this is that old Literacy Professor calling you again about those so called Facebook Community Standards again.
It appear these this words in my post violated your community standards"
" This is a Walking Man SOS people, spread the word! 

Take your Grit, Rigor and you know what Ed Reform Scammers. We want the hundreds of billions you spent on that BS Grit crap! Perhaps the BS Grit Crap words ?
Perhaps it is the words Ed Reformer Scammers?
Or perhaps it just the idea of  A Tedx about teaching children the power of kindness offend thee?
Maybe teaching them kindness might offset their consumer driven algorithms?

People you have to take 12 minutes to watch the Barry Lane TEDxCCSU talk about teaching kindness to our children. > <

Now, good people spread the word watch Barry's TEDx talk, because it is Kindness, not grit and rigor our children in our public schools need today.
Fight the power,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
Moral Monday Connecticut Education Ambassador

In case you want to listen to the song that inspired my walk in the rain this morning...its Barry Lane's know your higher self..

Radical Old Literacy Professor here 

This Literacy Professor is going with Barry Lane's try a little kindness.

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