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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Message in a bottle to these 2020 Democratic Candidates 4 President

Maybe, it's just me?
Maybe, I'm just not bright enough?
Maybe, I just can't see right?

But, most of these 20 and counting Democrats running for President sound like they'll fine with the education reforms of the past 20 years.

May, it's just me?
Maybe, I'm just not bright enough?
Maybe, I just can't see right?

Maybe these boys and girls need a quick study in
That we teachers and parents are not fine with the crap these people supported for 20 years.
Want our vote, get on board, but accept that none of your education reforms were alright with us,
While, Wall Street loved them, we teachers and parents hated them.

Don't fret, my mind is opened,
While you were busy listening to CEOs,
I walked 400 miles twice from CT to DC protesting your reforms,
I joined two United State Department of Education Occupies with United Opt Out,
I'm the kind of not too bright person you might just need to listen to get our votes,
Don't worry, I'm not leaving you out on a ledge,
I'm a teacher,
I have a quick study guide for you.

No more high-stakes testing,
No more school choice without equity,
No more class sizes don't matter,
No more closing local public schools in Black, Brown, and Poor communities.

No more teachers get paid too much talk,
No more teacher pensions are too costly,
No more teacher health care costs are too high,
No more teachers have it easy talk.

No more get rid of recess,
No more poor children need rigor nonsense,
No more poor children need tough love crap,
No, more data walls,
No more blended learning talk,
No more let poor schools compete against each,
No more poor schools need to do more with less foolish talk,
No more computer based intervention programs,
No more, giving CEOs control of our public schools,
No more giving billions of our tax dollars to "For profit entities" to open charter schools,
No more virtual scams schools,
No more voucher scams,
No more accepting campaign contributions from Ed reformers bent on dismantling our public schools,
No more of just about every education reform scam you supported for the past twenty years.

Finally, I want a massive amount of money to help bring back those over 300,000 teachers, many of them teachers of color, your Ed Reforms force out of teaching.
Can't do that, well then you can't have this not bright enough, can't see it "Teacher's Vote!

My message in a bottle,
Jesse The "No More" Teacher

PS: I want those social workers, librarians, counselors, nurses, para-professionals, school custodians, and other specialized staff back as well. Don't even dare ask how will we pay for it?
You can start by taking back that trillion dollar tax gift you gave to our nation's billionaires and millionaires. 

If you want to listen to the song I listened to on my morning walk today...its Sting 'Message in a bottle"


  1. I have always maintained that while there must be schools that serve poor children, there should be no such thing in the United States as a poor school.