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Thursday, November 19, 2020

If giving up equals losing, than not giving up is victory

My treasure from Angie Listo Tribal Gaming Chair when I left Arizona

 This one is for my good friend Ron Rice and his son Asher Rice from the city of Brotherly Love.

When I was a kid, we use to play king of the hill, it was always good fun, except when Billy played. Billy was a bully, pushed to hurt, and cheated. None of us could knock him off the top. As far as I can remember none of us ever did. One long bloody nose and dirty face day. My friend Juan said we should go, no one can knock Billy off the top. No one ever did, but that day, one kid never gave up. He kept going back up, bleeding, crying, just kept trying. The same knockdown results over and over again. Until it started getting dark, Billy said it is time to go home now. Not for me, I'm staying until you fall. Billy laughed and said I'm outta here stupids. He left, and Juan and I climbed to the top of the hill. The hill was ours. I never really understood what that bloody nose meant until decades later when I taught on the Tohono O'odham Nation and met Danny Lopez a respected Tohono O'odham. I invited Mr. Lopez to my class to speak with our students. Every one of them knew Danny Lopez, he was a revered Elder. Now, you don't tell Elders what to speak about, you just invite them, knowing whatever they talk about is going to be positive. I was thinking about Danny helping my students, but Danny ended up helping me understood why I kept climbing back up that hill against Billy. I knew it is in my character not to give up, but I always thought it was just stubbornness. Danny enlightened me that day. He told my students... Your parents and we Elders have always warned you that evil is always lurking, watching, seeking to grab you. Am I correct? Tell what we tell you about Evil? Everyone shared a story about either a parent or elder warning them about evil. Danny smiled and said glad to hear you have been warned. Now I am going to tell something good. Since the Creator made the world, evil has fought against all that is good. It is well that good fights evil. Everyone knows this. But, have you ever wondered how it ends? There is a clear line between Good and Evil. You don't need to be told which is which. Some people promise Good shall win. I don't think in terms of some winning moment. I just hope never tires. Young ones accept my O'odham truth: The Creator gave Good an unbeatable spirit, A heart that never accepts defeat, Good's spear is an endless hope, Every time Evil think Good in defeat, Hope flies straight and stings the Evil every time. Good's message has always been victory is never giving up. Danny taught us, not giving up is the way of goodness. Don't give up, Jesse The Walking Man Turner Ron Rice If you like to listen to the tune that inspired my morning walk today? It Peter Gabrial's "Don't Give up"

The Tohono O'odham people believe life is a reflective learning journey through the Creator's Maze 

Some say I taught O'Odham students, but I say they taught me. 

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