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Monday, July 29, 2019

Dear Senator Ron Paul your immigrant hate can't stop my love

I refuse to let these haters bring me down to their hater world...
Senator Ron Paul apparently thinks Congress Woman Ilhan Omar should go back to Somalia to appreciate the food stamps her family received when they first came to America as refugees.
Senator Paul, where should I go back to? As a child, my mother was given food stamps when we were homeless. Of course, you were born wealthy and would have no clue about needing that kind of help. All you have ever had to do is call Daddy.
Senator, let me share a little secret. My wife sealed a single one dollar food stamp behind the frame holding my Ph.D. It hangs in my office, and I have never told anyone it is there. Somehow, knowing it is there reminds me of the sacrifices my wife and I made to earn that degree. We moved 2800 miles to go to the University of Arizona to chase our American dream.
We had the promise of full-time jobs. We packed our bags as soon as those promises came in. But, as soon as we arrived those promised jobs turned to part-time ones. Like millions of other Americans whose promises fall through...we did what working people have always done...Without a Daddy Big bucks to call, we made do.
Only a fool thinks people who need food stamps are not appreciative. Only a fool thinks that needing that kind of help doesn't carry some extremely heavy shame. Shame that sinks deep in your bones. People who just call Daddy, have no idea about climbing up from that deep bone shame.
How would you ever understand, that even with my student loans, and 4 part-time jobs between us we needed food stamps to get by. Living in a right to work state where no one would give you a full-time job because then they would have to offer you health care.
You never had to take your sick daughter to the doctor with no way to pay, and hope the doctor would treat her...
Yeah, Rich Daddy Boys have no clue what it means to walk in the shoes of the working poor.
We regularly visited the food pantry. We don't talk about it, we have never told our friends, or family about it. We hold that pain deep in our hearts, and we never ever talk about it. But, you Sir need some teaching.
How would you a Daddy's Silver Spoon boy, understand...What everyday Americans go through? You know the ones that work for a living, daring still to reach for the stars. They make countless sacrifices, swallow their pride often, and unlike you, they never complain. They just get it done.
You, sir, have no clue about the difficult path America's poor and the working poor must walk. You have always been able to call Daddy Big Bucks.
I am not angry,
I don't hate you,
I wish you no harm, and
I pray that your family will never have to walk in the shoes of Congress Woman Omar.
I pray for your children and grandchildren never have to go into debt to pay for their higher education or need food stamps, or a food pantry.
Senator all I ask is you keep your hate to yourself.
Dear Congress Woman Omar, and to every American who may need food stamps to survive, this song is for you. For you are our star reachers, and you are loved. 
Love Wins,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner 

In case you like to listen to the song that inspired my blog tonight...its Play For Love Around The World Change 

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