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Monday, July 1, 2019

Teachers have a sacred duty to tell their teaching stories

It is July 1, 2019, time to start preparing for NCTE's Embracing Diversity through Meaningful Inquiry July 12–13, 2019 Columbia, South Carolina week.

I am looking forward to spending time with my Save Our School March Friends, Bess Altwerger, Rick Meyer, Ricardo Rosa.

I have the honor of introducing the mighty mighty Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig there. If by chance you do not know Dr. Vasquez Heilig, just google him. His blog Cloaking Inequity is always on my reading list. He is a must read, must follow, must listen to pro public-school education activist voice. He is a must study social justice equity scholar and activist.

I am working hard planning my own session: “A pedagogy of Love: from Whole Language Educator to Civil Rights Activist: This session shares: The Autoethnology of Jesse The Walking Man Turner transformative journey from teacher to Civil Rights Activist. My story is an invitation to others to join me. I shall also share ways to join the fight openly and safe ways to join the fight subversively for teachers who fear retaliation at their work. This is real, we do have many teachers being bullied at their schools for standing up for children. Caring for our children, means caring for each other, and standing up for public education at all levels from Pre-K to University. It is all under attacked by these profiteers who are reducing public education to capital manipulation. The Common Good has no place in their world of our children are their profits.

The plan is simple, we teachers have a sacred duty to defend their students, each other, and the communities we teach in. This duty compels us to fight for justice in the school house, and outside their walls.

It's not a new idea, Dr. Yohuru Williams often speaks about that old alliance between teachers, labor, and the Civil Rights Movement. It's an old school alliance, when Dr. King called, we teachers join every march.

I am going to NCTE to deliver the message that alliance needs reviving more than ever before. SOS has been answering that called since its birth in 2010. The plan is to use one teacher's story to inspire a birth of new stories. Saving our public schools requires a generation of new stories.

At 8 years old, I was in DC in 63 at that March on Washington. Sometimes, I think I am always marching.  I have always been fighting this battle not only for my students, my fellow teachers, our public schools, but for the soul of our teaching profession.

Our profession is under attack, from Education Privatizers who want teachers to be silent, to be obedient, to toe the line of our children, their teachers, and our local public schools as profit margins.

I am an one of those old school teacher, when injustice came around, I have always answered the call.
Nothing has changed, I never left that Teacher, labor, Civil rights Alliance.

My message at NCTE 2019 will be simple. Teachers are duty bound, to be active members of that old alliance.

Teachers, there's a train coming.
Get on board,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
Save Our Schools
Moral Monday CT Education Ambassador
CSU-AAUP Due Justice Liaison
If you want to listen to the tune I was playing during my walk this July morning its The ther Beat(en) Geraration

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